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“10 Tips” Webinar Summarized

June 15, 2012 - Author: Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS

A good solid overview today from on the benefits of adding both online bidding and text (phone) bidding to upgrade the traditional pen and paper silent auction. Worth your 43 minutes if you’re either completely intimidated by the thought or are on-the-fence curious about the possibilities. Let’s face it, technology isn’t going away, folks.

Best takeaways?

  • CONNECTIVITY, meaning 1) can the venue handle the potentially crushing wireless traffic as the text bidding piles up when auction sections close, and 2) how much will that required access to their wireless cost (tip: negotiate that up front!). Thankfully, Bidding for Good created a checklist to guide you through such venue negotiations/conversations.
  • LEARNING CURVE. Yes, some folks may be reluctant (even on your committee!) but Bidding for Good says changing people’s minds happens when they place the first bid, so put some “Bidding Buddies” throughout the event to get them over that initial reluctance.
  • OPTIONS. Bidding for Good shared interesting case studies of non-profit orgs using online bidding in the weeks before the event to raise bidder interest, during the event, and even sometimes closing online auction items after the event. Unusual, but worth hearing the rationale that spenders who were unsuccessful in the Live Auction have dollars left after the event. Now, if that Live Auctioneer conducted a Donation Appeal immediately after the auction we’d likely catch many of those unspent dollars, but closing a handful of things within 24 hours is an interesting concept.

Overall, BfG staff Perry and Ashley did a great presentation. Worth a listen.

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