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Free Conference Call to “capture and capitalize” wisdom

June 18, 2012 - Author: Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS

In your job, whatever it is, every day you’re either offering your expertise or listening to someone else share his/her expertise. And every day, you’re wasting wisdom that could be leveraged to save you time, which saves you money, which means more for your bottom line. Take a few seconds to do this one thing, and you’ll build your arsenal of resources and get smarter, all for FREE!

Capturing your Expertise

Think about it – if you work with a charitable cause, in the course of your day, you may

  • talk with co-workers about new ways to promote your mission
  • mull over what’s working in your Social Media Strategy (Facebook page comments; forwards of your tweets, the number of “opens” to your Constant Contact newsletter this month)
  • explain to a co-worker “how things are done” within your organization

or you might

  • counsel the family of someone who’s been receiving your services
  • walk someone through the steps of how to get the help she needs
  • speak to other service providers in your community about sharing resources

Sadly, most of those conversations are lost, evaporated with the air you exhaled.

Sure you might have someone taking notes on a few occasions, but the exact phrasing – the “just right” way you said it this time – is lost.

Unless you were recording the call. For Free. And then available to you forever.

Why start recording more of your conversations with Free Conference Call?

Because if you needed to share it, explain it, or communicate it as a part of your job, then chances are you’re going to need to do it again in the future. You and your organization can both become more valuable and professional resources when you “capture and capitalize” wisdom.

Taking just a few minutes to review the recorded call allows you to either

1) summarize what you said into a hard copy that could be distributed (brochure, blog post, white paper, web content), creating a resource and saving time later, or

2) edit the audio recording (free download as .mp3 or .wav file) into a podcast or e-learning clip for website inclusion or as the vocal track to a webinar with slides.

Capturing others’ Expertise

Alternatively, in the course of your day, you may

  • talk with a vendor about the specifications needed for your new postcard mailing, sound system rental, or website upgrades needed
  • get advice and recommendations from an outside partner – auctioneer, event planner, PR firm –

If they’re not taking the initiative to capture and capitalize on their info, you can.

Set up your phone calls with vendors and paid consultants via Free Conference Call by simply clicking on the Invitations tab at the top, which sends them (and you, don’t forget to send a copy of the invitation to yourself as a reminder) an e-mail with the call in number and PIN. It takes seconds. Once on the call, record by *9 and your PIN.  That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else with it, but it’s there if and when you need it.

Because sometimes you know your words came out just right, or you can’t quite remember what someone told you, and if you could just get it back…

Make this the new technology you try this week!

Already using Free Conference Call? Just tried it out? Tell us your story in the Comments!

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