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►Your Auctioneer’s Education

June 27, 2012 - Author: Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS

Photo of GALA GAL Jenelle TaylorToday I shared a link with the elite auctioneer alumni from my BOOTCAMP for Benefit Auctioneers course. I keep in close contact with this group of professionals via a private Facebook group just for them. We share what’s working across the country at fundraisers and share our favorite techniques.

This morning I reminded them about the upcoming continuing education opportunity known as the 3rd Annual Benefit Auction Summit.

I was a presenter at the first Summit in 2010 in San Antonio, so I did interactive activities to put those auctioneers into your shoes as the non-profit liaison.

I asked them to imagine that  – in addition to your regular full-time job – you’ve been put in charge of a black-tie event for 400 people, and if the event doesn’t net $100,000 you could lose your job.

Then I asked them…

  • What are your FEARS (if you are Director of Development)? What keeps you awake at night?
  • Where do you start? What do you NEED to pull this off?
  • If the event exceeded your expectations, what results would you DESIRE?
  • What are you worried about forgetting? What are your CONCERNS?
  • What is exasperating? What are your ANNOYANCES if you’re in charge?

Learning to ask questions, listen to your answers and then offer solutions is a skill many auctioneers need to practice.

As the non-profit client with everything riding on this

1-Night, Once-a-Year event,

I encourage you to really grill your potential auctioneer

partners to see who is the best match.

Tell them your FEARS, NEEDS, DESIRES, CONCERNS and ANNOYANCES, and then pick the company whose solutions will help you save time, make more money, or otherwise make your life better!

(And then ask them to show ways they will pay for themselves!)

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Discussion (1 Comment)

  1. […] do when they get together each year, you can find content from the Summit in 2010 (my presentation here), and I’ve shared some takeaways  from the other presenters that year here and 2011 […]