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►Google says ‘Content is King’

February 19, 2013 - Author: Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS

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Your mission. Your good works. Your non-profit org.

Without a doubt, Google IS the key to getting found online, and it’s about to get easier for you! After years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks, industry buzz says Google ranking methods have changed.

According to Geekless Tech blogger Alex Clifford,

Google is ranking people by who has the best content. They’re trying to put the best content at the top. Now you’re in a battle with your competitors to create the best content! There are no more underhanded tricks (and if there were Google will soon eliminate them).

The 2 pillars of Content Marketing Optimization (CMO)?

  1. More “long form content” means adding longer, meaty, helpful and valuable text to your website
  2. More “rich media content” means photos and videos

Read the brief article here, including a great resource of 11 content optimization tips from Jason Acidre.

Write something fresh (and in depth) about what amazing things your org is doing this month. And don’t forget to boost your visibility with VISUALS.

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