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GALA GAL Fundraising Auctions of Florida is the epicenter of auction solutions. Thousands of consulting hours invested in hundreds of galas and charity events since 2002 give us a stockpile of solutions far beyond other auctioneers. While each event IS a unique mix of variables, the challenges you face – choosing the right auctioneer, getting auction items, finding big supporters, training your staff and promoting your mission – are universal.  When you partner with GALA GAL, you gain true peace of mind, because no matter what crazy hurdle comes along, we’ve already solved it in the past!

Founder Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS wrote the book on benefit auctions (literally!) with AUCTION! The 98 Solutions to Every Charity Auction Challenge (secure order).Cover image of the 250-page Charity Auction Manual called AUCTION! The 98 Solutions to Every Charity Auction Challenge by GALA GAL Jenelle Taylor CAI BAS

Recognized as the nation’s premier Benefit Auction Educator, Jenelle has been mentoring and training other auctioneers since 2004. Since 2008, more than 150 auction professionals have invested thousands of dollars to take her 3-day “BOOTCAMP for Benefit Auctioneers” course. There they learn 45 Ways to Create Prepared Bidders, 21 Additional Revenue Generators, how to “Do the Math”, create strategic plans, and become client-focused Solution Providers for you and your cause.