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Vision and Mission

The Mission of GALA GAL, Inc.

is to be the leading authority and “go to” source for cutting-edge educational resources which stretch beyond theory to provide practical solutions which are inspiring and easy to implement.

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The Vision of GALA GAL, Inc.

is to drive sweeping improvements within the charitable fundraising industry, including

  • acceptance of the buyer’s premium as a transparent and mutually beneficial compensation option

  • the creation of a central nationwide database for charitable causes which empowers the client and promotes the professional benefit auctioneer

  • fostering a climate of benefit auction education which is authentic, hands-on, and individualized to meet personal needs and solve specific situations

  • full disclosure to the bidding public of consignment item costs

and most importantly

  • to positively impact the results and revenue of exponentially more fundraisers and charitable organizations nationwide by sharing the industry’s most profitable methods so that all those who conduct fundraising auctions maximize every opportunity for profit and professionalism.