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Photo of GALA GAL Jenelle Taylor Benefit Auctioneer

Your event is only 1 Night, Once a Year! Trust 10 years of Fundraising Consulting with GALA GAL Jenelle Taylor

1) You get ME. All of your consultation hours, in-person meetings, phone conferences and e-mails benefit from the thousands of hours spent and hundreds of organizations I’ve helped over the past 10 years. With someone else, your annual event may be handed off to an assistant who’s never been to a gala, or pushed aside by the real estate auctioneer who happens to call a few charity events in his spare time.

When you partner with GALA GAL, you get Jenelle.


2) You need a Professional Benefit Auctioneer, not a bid caller. 

All auctioneers are NOT created equal. Chance your signature event with “the other guy” and you’re guaranteed to lose money – there’s just no way around it. An auctioneer who makes his living from traditional auctions (real estate, personal property, cars, antiques) invests his time and energy in liquidating items faster (speed chanting) and chasing the next one-time sale. He gets paid to show up, sell out and get out. Think assembly line.

That’s not appropriate for your gala. Your attendees are not car dealers, and your mission should not get steamrolled. At GALA GAL, we understand that you only get this 1 night, once a year to connect with your supporters. You want them to be entertained, engaged and inspired! You want an elegant, charismatic, appropriate role model working with you.

A true Benefit Auction Specialist is equal parts

Ambassador for your cause,


and Sizzling Salesperson.

3) Our clients benefit in tangible, measurable ways:

  • LEARN 45 Ways to Create Prepared Bidders, so your guests come ready to “attend and spend”

  • CHOOSE from 21 Additional Revenue Generators – fresh, creative twists to elevate and personalize your event, including Mystery Auctions, Feeding Frenzy, Treasure Chest, Cherry Pick and more

  • SOLVE your ongoing frustration over auction items; we realize that every charity auction starts with no stuff!

    • our Do the Math resource creates a clear, attainable Strategic Auction Plan in just 15 minutes
    • The Official Big Money Brainstorming and Kickoff Party uncovers $20,000-$45,000 in donations just waiting to be secured – without cold calls!
    • harness the free fabulousness of Google Docs in “the Cloud” and keep your entire team up to date in real time using our Shareable Auction Spreadsheet
  • ANSWERS about the latest auction technology, from online auctions to text bidding, touch screens to simulcast, learn what will work (or not) for your event

4) All-access passes to GALA 411:  All Benefit Auction Solutions (a.k.a. “The Vault”) for your entire committee for the length of our partnership, with year-round access for renewing clients