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At GALA GAL, Inc., fundraising with non-profits is our singular focus. Our days are spent finding solutions for clients, learning new insights to share, or helping other auctioneers serve their charities. This exclusive commitment to specialize in fundraising auctions is uncommon among auctioneers:

Live Auctioneer GALA GAL Jenelle Taylor photo

The success of your Live Auction rests with your Auctioneer! Choose elegant, engaging, energetic ambassador GALA GAL Jenelle Taylor

GALA GAL’s Jenelle Taylor is the only full-time, female fundraising auctioneer in Florida.

With over 125,000 registered non-profits across our state, we’d love to help each and every cause. Regrettably, there are only so many open dates! We look forward to speaking with you to learn more about your fundraising goals.

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OPTION 1:  All-Encompassing Auction(s) and Event Planning

OPTION 2:  Stage Ambassador  – Live Auctioneer/ Donation Appeal

OPTION 3:  Ongoing Consultant Retainer – not event specific