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How Much?

photo of Jenelle Taylor

It pays to hire a professional!

Nonprofits hire me for 5-figures, for no out-of-pocket-cost, and a bunch of levels in between.

I need to know a few things about your event:

  • day/date
  • past event successes
  • what services you expect
  • number of guests
  • ticket price
  • venue

Let’s chat on the phone for a few to see if we’d be a good match. I want you to have the best auction talent you can afford – and with all of the solutions and ideas I’ve learned in 15 years, it honestly pays off in increased revenue and better guest experience when you invest in success.

I offer folks 3 compensation options, so there’s a good chance we can work something out.

Call Jenelle on my cell in Tampa, at 407-791-1360, or hit the CONTACT page to shoot me an email and I’ll call you.

What are those 3 ways? Read more in the August 9th, 2017 blog, then let’s dish about your date! 🙂