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►Board-erline Frustrated?

July 1, 2012 - Author: Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS
Photo of GALA GAL Jenelle Taylor

Avoid this at your non-profit!

Are you frustrated with your Board members?

Are your Board members frustrated with you? or your expectations?

A colleague from NSA-CF (National Speakers Association, Central Florida chapter) recently broached this topic in his newsletter and blog.

You know how they say that

most relationships break up over money?

Your relationships with Board members

may be damaged by poor communication about money, too!


Hardy Smith, a consultant for non-profits, makes a good point:  avoiding this problem happens before you ever bring anyone on to your team.

If the # 1 thing you need your Board members to do

is bring in money for your org, say so!

Most people are honored to be asked to serve on a non-profit Board and want to help, but are unfamiliar with the expectations – for their time, their connections, or their financial resources.

Moreover, only a small percentage of folks are naturally what I call “fearless askers” when it comes to fundraising. The majority of people may have hearts of gold but will cringe at asking their friends to buy a $2500 table or donate a week of their time shares. And cold calling? Just dropping by a local business? Forget it.

Since putting folks in that role will make them

a.) uncomfortable and

b.) less than successful,

it is much wiser to state your needs clearly upfront until you find those who are both hearts of gold AND fearless askers.

Remember the 80/20 rule.

A smaller – but fully engaged – Board will likely

accomplish more and be happier doing it!


Got a specific challenge with your Board members? Or share something that worked!

Drop a note in the Comments below.


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