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►Your Auctioneer’s Education, 2011 Summit

June 28, 2012 - Author: Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS

Photo of professional sound equipmentSince yesterday I mentioned the upcoming Benefit Auction Summit as a continuing education opportunity for professional fundraising auctioneers, I’ll share some of my takeaways from the two previous Summits.


BOOTCAMP Alum Darron Meares shared ways to engage various generations:

  • Our elders appreciate both formality (think hand-written thank you notes) AND a good, clear sound system
  • Our youngest attendees are best reached via Twitter and text messages – really!

Sound Expert Bruce Ennis

  • Auction Venue Sound Requirements:  Explain to your sound technican that you need “Surround sound with focus on the stage and emphasis on clarity; auctioneer needs to be able to be heard clearly (10 Db more) over ambient noise without distortion”; THUS, hotel sound system designed for an audience that is perfectly quiet is the opposite of what we want in event sound.

BOOTCAMP Alum Andrew Imholte wowed the room when he shared ways to use Google Docs and Evernote:

  • Evernote folders capture files, photos, contacts, PDFs and syncs phone, web, PC
  • Save time by helping your team share documents using free “cloud” Google Docs

Next up, takeaways from my co-presenters at the 2010 Summit in San Antonio.

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Discussion (1 Comment)

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